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Over 30 years ago, I lost my mother...

Dear friends❤️,

I hope you're doing wonderfully!

I'm excited to share with you today about my new project. But before that, a bit of context.

Over 30 years ago, I lost my mother and found myself lost and completely alone. That's when I began my quest for love. I searched for it everywhere: in friendships, at work, through travels, and in material possessions. I was told I would be happy when I earned more money or when I had a partner, a house, a car, and children. I achieved all that, yet still carried the weight of guilt for not being born into the perfect family with perfect connections and a perfect education.

After experiencing what I considered a complicated life, with an endless list of challenges related to my parents, family, environment, education, country of origin, how I spoke, how I looked in the mirror, and a constant feeling of inadequacy in many aspects... (whew, take a deep breath because now I can say these things quite easily, but at the time, they completely paralyzed me).

My first step toward liberation came from accepting to step out of my comfort zone. Then

came the privilege of traveling and exploring diverse cultures. It was fascinating to meet so many wonderful and free-thinking people who taught me so much. I saw that everyone was the result of their thoughts, and that seemed to me the most wonderful thing in the world. I began to understand that I was the result of a domestication of cultures and beliefs.

The change wasn't immediate, but the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. One of the steps that culminated in this personal process was studying a master's in Spiritual Psychology. That's when I underwent a profound transformation. I realized that the answer was within me, to make the change I desired. And I learned that the answer is love, love for myself.

For the first time, I learned to see myself for what I am: perfect, and I love what I see and am. That process was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but I did it! And I'm very excited to experience this love, freedom, and power that I now know exists within me.

And this brings me to my current project. I decided to create a space to help other people, particularly women, find that inner love.

This is what I wish for all beings on the planet: to discover how wonderful they are right now. You just need to learn to love yourselves, retrain to speak to yourselves with openness, love, and respect, and recognize that we are the result of ideas of which we must be aware. Within each of us is an infinite force that does not run out, and we just have to acknowledge it and access it.

I'm going to share everything I did to get to this point.

Firstly, through a novel titled "The Orchid: The Secret Code of Modern Goddesses," which I wrote with my husband. It's based on the story of five women, all on a journey to their best selves. I believe they all represent a piece of me. "The Orchid" will be available from February 14th. Why not? Let's gift ourselves the most important love of all: self-love.

Around those dates, we'll also be launching a podcast, focusing on the same themes, but this time, a bit more personal. We can openly discuss the tools available to reach that place within you.

How exciting that I get to share all of this with you.

I share it with all the love in the world. Take what works for you, feel it, and discover that the world is better because each of you is in it. If you didn't see it before, didn't believe it, or no one told you, now is the time for you to affirm it: "I am wonderful, I respect myself, I love myself, I am fun, I am successful, I am love❤️."

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