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About The Story...

Mary, a wealthy woman, and survivor of a failed marriage and past traumas, creates an exclusive retreat center to share with others the learnings she's obtained during her travels around the world. The Orchid serves as a sanctuary where women from diverse backgrounds can heal emotionally and spiritually. 


Guided by Mary and a team of expert healers from various disciplines, each week thirty women explore key themes and learn tools—to awaken their inner love and power, and in turn experiencing transformative growth. 


The story focuses on five of these women, each wrestling with unique life challenges such as closeted sexuality, career pressures, spousal abandonment, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and manipulative behavior. As they engage with the program's curriculum, they peel away layers of self-deception, pain, and societal conditioning, discovering that the love and solutions they seek already reside within them. 

The Orchid serves as both the setting and the metaphor for their collective journey toward self-realization and empowerment.

We hope you enjoy the book.

Rocio and Angel


The Authors

From life partners to literary collaborators.

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Rocio Aquino
Angel Orengo
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We are Rocio and Angel, partners in life and spirit, wanderers who found home in each other’s hearts. Our journey together has been filled with a myriad of cultures, beliefs, and encounters with both the ordinary and extraordinary. In every corner of the world, from the bustling streets of some of the world’s largest metropolis, to ancient cities and the tranquil silence of hidden temples, we have found knowledge, understanding, and the essence of what connects us all.


The Orchid is more than just a fictional story about wonderful and powerful women; it’s a reflection of our lives, the lessons we’ve learned, and the profound truths we’ve uncovered along the way. It’s a tribute to the resilient spirit of all the women in our lives, those we have lived with, and those we’ve met along the way, whose stories of courage, transformation, and triumph have inspired us profoundly.

To all those women, and to all the readers, we dedicate this book.

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With Gratitude.

Rocio and Angel

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